Alameda Emergency Services (OES)

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The Alameda Emergency Services Network is an effort to build a wireless common backbone supporting both encrypted OES traffic as well as public AREDN traffic.

Proposed Sites

  • Sunol - 37.619780, -121.923000
  • San Leandro Hill - 37.723757, -122.118707
  • OES Dublin - 37.716342290630806, -121.88374482079715


Line-of-site is possible from San Leandro Hills to Sunol to OES Dublin but not from OES Dublin to San Leandro Hills.

The proposed link into the AREDN backbone at ORCA is probably not viable (no line-of-site). An alternative would be to connect across the bay to San Bruno Mtn (37.686758, -122.435258) and/or connect up the East Bay to Mnt Diablo (37.892857, -121.8993)


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