BAM Weekly Working Group Sept 11th, 2023

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  • Joh Swallow
  • Dave Dornlas
  • Mathison Ott
  • Christiaan Adams
  • Tim Wilkinson
  • Jim Moss

Notes by

  • Tim Wilkinson

Major Discussions Topics

  • Drone Truck
    • Dave discuss a drone truck owned by Meno Park and whether adding AREDN there would be useful as a backup comms system for drone video streaming or upload.
  • Chabot
    • Tim updated on equipment removal from Chabot and proposed reinstall in Q1 2024 once they finish the new roof.
  • Sunol Peak
    • Tim updated on Sunol changes. New mounting for old 5GHz dish plus added a 60GHz dish pointing at Mt Allison.
  • Black
    • Jim reports the 60GHz link between the two sites is down. Not yet clear why.
  • Mt Diablo
    • Link instability reported.
    • Mathison plans a visit to see if it can be fixed.
    • Some discussion about link from Diablo to ORCA - Chris reckons one cut down tree will open a path.
  • Pacificon
    • Trifold
      • ~150 left, which may not be enough (original order was 500)
      • Update and make some more
    • Posters
      • Make a new poster showing the state of the mesh today
      • Update the equipment poster to remove old devices and add the new ones we recommend
        • Tim to follow up with new equipment suggestions
    • Use cases
      • Find a way to show off use cases at the table
      • Answer the "what is this for" question
  • General Mesh Use
    • Chris wants to introduce something which we, as a group, regularly us the mesh for.
    • Suggestions:
      • A photo contest
      • VoIP weekly net
      • Winlink checkin
      • Some other form of weekly get to gether
        • Chris suggested it should be asynchronous, so people have a window of time to participate
        • Some for of MeshChat checkin is an option