Batteries and Solar

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Solar Load Estimates

Estimates of what it would take to achieve a year-round solar autonomy, for different continuous loads. The model assumes "typical" SF weather conditions (Link to model).


A good portion of the capacity is just to meet the worst few days of the year, so if you are willing to sacrifice those, the system can be quite a bit smaller and still get you 95%+ annual up time.


Below all assume 26V LiFePO4 battery (using 80% of capacity), somewhat conservative, but not a lot of margin:

  • 7W (cont.): 18A-h battery, 90W solar, 5A charge controller
  • 10W (cont.): 25A-h battery, 125W solar, 5A charge controller
  • 15W (cont.): 38A-h battery, 190W solar, 10A charge controller
  • 20W (cont.): 50A-h battery, 250W solar, 10A charge controller
  • 40W (cont.): 100A-h battery, 500W solar, 20A charge controller
  • 50W (cont.): 125A-h battery, 625W solar, 25A charge controller
  • 60W (cont.): 150A-h battery, 750W solar, 30A charge controller


Just Batteries

  • Bioenno Power - LiFePO4 batteries which are lightweight but support many more charging cycles compared to normal lithium batteries.
  • TalentCell - LiFePO4 batteries being evaluated at the Sunol Ridge site.

Battery Charge Controllers

Uninterruptible Power Supply Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers

  • Ubiquiti provide solar charges specifically designed for use with their PoE Wifi products. Batteries and solar are bought separately (No longer available).
  • Tycon tp-scpoe-2424-hp lacks the web ui, unable to set the battery charge targets.

Off The Shelf ALL-in-ONE Systems

  • Jackery offer a range of all-in-one portable battery and charging packs. Can be used with optional solar panels.
  • Tycon Systems

Non-penetrating mounts

ISP Supplies ships from TX, USA

Project Systems