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Welcome to the BAMphone wiki!!!

Office Code 51043 is TBD

Office Code 51052. Is "BAMphone"

BAM phone exchange is a Branch office 51052 its part of the MeshPhone network. bambox was set up with the help of K6DLC, N2MH, K0DDYY, and is maintained by KJ6DZB & N6BMW.

Signup --->HERE <----

Use the form to signup for a Line or Conference on the PBX. You will be provided with a extension # and password. Your extension is your User Name!!!

PBX Server INFO:

Server DNS: bambox.local.mesh
Server admin: http://bambox.local.mesh/admin
PJSIP port: 5060
SIP port: 5160 (GrandStrem)
Codec: G711u
Local dial plan: (5[12]xx|7[0-6]|77xxxxxxx|7[89])

NOTE: There are too many VOIP phone and ATA device configurations to list. Please look for help in the myriad AREDN forums on the Web or #pbx-networking-voip-meshphone in the ARDEN Community Slack. Also, YouTube is your friend. Check out FreePBX 101 Phone Setup. Thank you! " ⇐

Dialing Instructions:

BAMphone has extensions within the range of 5100 through 5299. BAMphone's Office Code is 51052.

N2MH has written instructions about HOW to DIAL READ THEM!!!!

Local dial:

Local extensions is as simply as entering the XXXX dial code.

Local dial notes:

  • Dial 5252 or *97 to reach the Voicemail bot. !Please setup your Voicemail greetings! To do so dial *97 and the bot will guide you thru the steps needed to set up your Voicemail.
  • Dial *60 for a Talking clock. The Voice clock will be delayed.
  • Dial 510-5292 or 5292 for Local time.
  • Dial 78 wait for dial tone, dial 973-2193 @ 7:30pm Mondays to join the MeshPhone conference call.
  • K1KY 78 615-3474
  • AIZBQ 78 541-4101
  • HB9BLA 87 141-4415
  • Unix Time 78 999-NERD (6373)

BAMphone Functions (internal)

This PBX has a number of services including: Voicemail, Conference lines, and MORE!!! (listed below) Using the 4-digit Dial code the function can be reached. All of the functions listed are provided by this PBX. To access another PBX please refer to N2MH MeshPhone℠ WhitePages.

Dial Code Functions / Conference Extension
5100 BAM Conference Room Main
5202 Bay Conference
5201 Golden Gate
5293 MeetMe conference bridge
5211 Mark N2MH Test
5252 BAM VoiceMail access
5291 DTMF test
5292 Date and Time
5293 MeetMe conference bridge
5294 Echo test
5295 Milliwatt (1 KHz tone)
5296 3-tone slope (404,1004,3004 Hz tones)
5297 Switch ID (cw)
5298 Extension ID readback
* Direct Dial Prefix
** In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code
*0 Speeddial prefix
*1 In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording
*10 Contact Manager Speed Dials
*2 In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer
*8 Asterisk General Call Pickup
*21 Findme Follow Toggle
*30 Blacklist a number
*31 Remove a number from the blacklist
*32 Blacklist the last caller
*34 Perform dictation
*35 Email completed dictation
*36 Change status to clean for a room.
*37 Add a product from mini-bar for a room.
*43 Echo Test
*44 Send a message number to the receptionist.
*45 Allow Dynamic Members of a Queue to login or logout. See the Queues Module for how to assign a Dynamic Member to a Queue.
*46 Queue Pause Toggle
*47 Playback Queue Caller Count
*52 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate
*53 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
*54 User Intercom Allow
*55 User Intercom Disallow
*60 Speaking Clock
*65 Speak Your Exten Number
*68 Wake Up Calls
*69 Call Trace
*70 Call Waiting - Activate
*71 Call Waiting - Deactivate
*72 Call Forward All Activate
*73 Call Forward All Deactivate
*74 Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate
*75 Set user speed dial
*76 DND Toggle
*78 DND Activate
*79 DND Deactivate
*8 Asterisk General Call Pickup
*80 Intercom prefix
*85 Pickup ParkedCall Prefix
*86 Force Park into Private Lot
*87 Conference Status
*88 Park to your Assigned Lot
*90 Call Forward Busy Activate
*91 Call Forward Busy Deactivate
*92 Call Forward Busy Prompting Deactivate
*93 Call Forward All Prompting Activate
*94 Call Forward Busy Prompting Activate
*95 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Prompting Activate
*96 Call Forward Toggle
*97 My Voicemail
*98 Dial Voicemail
## In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer
555 ChanSpy
7777 Simulate Incoming Call

Local WhitePage * not coming soon*

Trunks Dialing

The PBX's is capable of dialing: other Branch Offices, Direct IP dial, and Ham Shack Hotline extensions. A little back ground first! BAMphone extensions can calling outside of the local extensions block. PBXoffices on the MeshPhone℠ can be trucked to each other directly. (Only 2 external trunks exist as of 4/29/2024) trunks can be configured by request and only with participation from the other branch office admin!

Dialing other Branch Offices

Calling Around the World !!! Take a look at this MAP!!!! Branch Offices. Listed HERE you may need assistance of a white-pages ive listed marks blow...

EXAMPLE: lets call Gerard WT0F, dial 78-386-8611

MeshPhone℠ WhitePages by N2MH

MeshPhone database by: Gerard Hickey

Provides basic telemetry and insights into the MeshPhone network health --Link HERE--

Maintained by: Gerard Hickey / WTØF MeshPhone: 386-8611

Ham Shack Hotline Dial:

To reach Ham Shack Hotline extensions dial 76, wait for a funny dial tone, then dial the full extensions, then press # to send the call on its way.

Hams Over IP:

To direct dial an IP address use access code 74.