Code of Conduct

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Collaborators will support a friendly, supportive volunteer environment that will reflect positively upon the Bay Area Mesh (fka SFWEM), its collaborators, and amateur radio generally. Collaborators will act with integrity and honesty. Collaborators will be trustworthy and respectful, keep their commitments, and be accountable for their own actions. Collaborators will refrain from harassing, bullying, intimidating, demeaning, humiliating, embarrassing, or attacking another person visually, verbally, or physically.

While it’s expected that all collaborators in the SFWEM project participate in good faith, differences-of-opinion and conflict are a given within any organization. Individuals should attempt to resolve these conflicts directly and with respect. If collaborators are unable to resolve conflicts directly, they should contact the SFWEM board. The SFWEM board will take steps to enforce the Code of Conduct.