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BAM Node Map

This Bay Area Mesh map is updated once an hour, and keeps nodes around for 7 days (so if a node is off line for a few hours, it doesn't just disappear).


Compass Map

Open this map on your iPhone or Android to see a set of bearings from your current location to a set of local nodes. The bearings change are you rotate the phone, helping you site your new node on an appropriate neighbor.

Backbone Map

As we build out the Bay Area Backbone, we need a way to monitor it. So we have a monitoring and map app which provides status of the links and the endpoints.

Supernode Mesh Map

We have an experimental project to connect meshes via supernodes.

Google Earth and

The Google Earth maps uses KML (Google's mapping language) to let you view node locations on the globe.

Unfortunately Google Earth doesn't let you open a KML file automatically. To view the map do the following:

  1. Download This file isn't the actual map data, but automatically loads the latest map data when opened in Google Earth. You never have to download this again but your map will always be up to date.
  2. Open Google Earth
  3. Select Projects from the left menu bar.
  4. From Projects select New Project.
  5. From that menu select the bottom option Import KML file from computer.
  6. Select the SFWEM-BAM-Mesh-Map.kml file previously downloaded.

Google Earth will now open the SFWEM map.

Old SFWEM Node Map

The original SFWEM map can be a little unreliable at times, but has some useful features when measuring distances and planning new nodes.