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Marin RCV Pilot Project

Buildout of San Francisco Wireless Emergency mesh to North Bay

Project stages in priority order


Current State

Next State

Action needed to move to next state


Date to be completed


Stand up node on Sonoma Mountain

EA power backup on site

Awaiting permission from Dale Westerturp

Testing to vicinity of site from Treasure Island

Possible addition of MERA site(?)

Availability of PowerbeamM5 for Treasure Island site

Rob to source another PowerbeamM5

May 24


Identify partners in Sonoma County

Dan Ethen

Russell Holmes

Chris Godley

Bill Dornbush

Sonoma DEM

Sonoma ACS

Sonoma Fire


Find leader(s) of Sonoma buildout once Sonoma Mtn on mesh


Stand up node on Wolfback ridge

Permission granted by Erick Steinberg

Put test node on site. 2 sector antennas

Erick�s availability. I have equipment

Michael and Rob on site 930am 5/24

May 24


Test route to Bahia repeater site

Initial test 5/17 from base of tank unsuccessful

Arrange for mesh node in East Bay to test link with

Place node at CCCC or other East Bay site. Permission for use of Bahia

SF or East Bay Node wrangler



Find permanent site to serve Mill Valley outside of Wolfback ridge coverage

Guerilla node confirms suitable site at Marin City watertank

Investigate permission from MMWD

Install mast at tank site and make 110V AC available

Andrew LeBlanc, DPW



Find Permanent site to service San Rafael

Assume Dollar Hill San Rafael Hill suitable?

Guerilla test once Wolfback up



Solve coverage challenge of 1600 Los Gamos EOC

San Rafael hill may just work


Find permanent site to serve Novato outside of Bahia Coverage

Buck center?


Find site to serve Corte Madera


West Marin nodes - via SF-Bolinas

Path to Bolinas tested OK

Look for ongoing path through Olema Valley to Barnabe


Public service season beginning August 2021

Use portable nodes deployed ad hoc

Marin RCV Special Project Volunteers:

Michael Fischer K6MLF 415 519 2201

Rob Rowlands NZ6J 415 849 5667