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High Sites represent non-residential, permanent, radio installation locations. They provide good line-of-site locations for residential and other high sites to connect to, allowing the construction of a more stable and resilient mesh network.

Generally, high sites are extremely restricted locations, with limited access, authorized personnel, and careful control over what radios and services are hosted at the location. This is the case for both commercial and volunteered locations. Making changes are such sites can take months, sometimes years, to negotiate and implement requiring the cooperation and coordination of many people and organizations.

Active Sites

These sites are active high sites, with nodes and connections to the rest of the BAM.

Evaluation Sites

These site are not part of the BAM network but there is ongoing discussions to include them.

Possible Sites

These sites may or may not contain active nodes. Some are in active development to become more solid high sites, while some may only be possibilities or even wishful thinking at this point.

Finding Towers

A useful tool for finding microwave towers is provide by City-Data.com