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Bay Area Mesh Phone Exchange (BAMphone)

The Bay Area Mesh's Phone Exchange, called BAMphone.

BAMphone is ACTIVE :-)

Wireless Mesh Emergency Telephone System (WiMETS)


MESH Phone

The following was compiled by Mark N2MH. The original (and up to date) version can be found here.

N2MH has also provided links to his documentation .


The following table summarizes phones that various hams have successfully used on the Mesh.

Model POE * Local Power Web Interface tftp Comments
7940 Yes 48V DC Partial Required 2 lines; need to load SIP; see N4SV comments
7961 Yes 48V DC Partial Required Up to 6 lines; need to load SIP; see N4SV comments
Grandstream Setup Instructions
GXP-1450 No 5V DC Yes Yes 2 lines
GXP-1620/GXP-1625 1625 only 5V DC Yes Firmware updates

also via http or https

2 lines; Both models are the same phone - only 1625 supports POE
GXP-2000 Yes 5V DC Yes Yes Up to 4 lines
GXP-2140 Yes 12V DC yes yes Up to 4 lines;
GXP-2160 Yes 12V DC yes yes Up to 6 lines; has extra speed dial buttons programmable through the web interface.
GXP-2200 Yes 12V DC Yes Yes Similar to 2160; no extra speed dial buttons; nice video phone with Android but no built-in camera (ie, receive only)
GXV3240 Yes Yes
  • Video phone
  • Runs Android
GXV3275 Yes Yes
  • Video phone with large, built-in screen
  • Runs Android
  • Big brother to GXV3240
  • Too many features to list
  • See comments in another Forum post about this phone
HT503 No 12V DC Yes ? 2-port ATA 1-FXO 1-FXS
HT701 No 12V DC Yes ? 1-Port ATA FXS
DP715/DP710 No Base: 6v wall wart

Portable: 2 rech. AAA batteries

Yes Yes
  • DP715: Base unit
  • DP710: portable units (5 max)
  • One ip address shared by all portable units

(now Cisco)

SPA503G 5V DC Yes 3 Lines
SPA504G Yes 5V DC Yes
  • 4 Lines
  • End of Life has been announced on 2018-08-13
SPA941 No 5V DC Yes
  • Discontinued
  • Designed for use with SPA9000 system.
  • See comments from KC8RGO in two messages below.
1535 No 12V DC No ?
  • Config via manual pushbutton menu
  • Older video phone
  • Many units have Turkish Telecom flash screen on boot up
  • Can do video calls
  • Can receive direct IP calls but cannot make direct IP calls, so calls must be set up with SIP
Obi1062 Yes 12V DC Yes ? See W7REJ comments below
SoundPoint 32x Yes 24V DC Yes Yes 2 lines
SoundPoint 33x Yes 24V DC Yes Yes 2 lines
SoundStation IP 5000 Yes POE only Yes ftp 1 line; local power via POE injector only
VVX410 Yes Yes Yes Yes 2 lines
300 5V DC Yes
W60B Yes PoE only Yes ? Setup Instructions
  • Base station is PoE
  • Handset is wireless.
SIP-T22P Yes 5V DC Yes Yes
  • 3 lines/3 accounts
  • full featured phone
  • Discontinued
SIP-T54W Yes 5V DC Yes Yes
  • 10 lines/10 accounts
  • full featured phone
  • Nice color display

* POE here means managed 48 Volt POE (IEEE 802.3), such as obtained from an ethernet switch. It does not mean passive 12/24V power as used by a Ubiquiti node or an external 12V power supply.