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  • Education, Research & Mentorship of the Amateur Radio Community on digital network technologies.
  • Rapid ad-hoc communication deployments during disasters and emergencies.
  • Reliable, fault-tolerant networks that served agencies can protect Bay Area residents and save lives during disaster situations

Getting Started


  • Band Plan - How the spectrum is allocated in various areas of the Bay
  • Bandwidth Consumption - Bandwidth consumption of various classes of applications
  • Batteries - Recommended batteries for off-grid and battery backed-up nodes
  • Bay Area Backbone - high performance, internet capable, microwave network
  • Cables - Recommendation for cabling to use, especially outside
  • Cameras - Recommended cameras
  • Commercial WISPs - Local commercial WISPs which often share locations
  • Company sites - Businesses hosting nodes and extending the network
  • Email - Internal mesh email
  • High sites - Elevated sites which are easy to point a radio at
  • Maps - Various maps of mesh nodes and the connections between them
  • MeshChat - A chat program design just for AREDN
  • Network Time Protocol - Using and provide network time on the mesh
  • Phones & PBX - Phone and phone systems for the mesh
  • Power-over-Ethernet - Options for providing power to nodes via ethernet
  • Proxmox - Deploying AREDN on Proxmox
  • Radios - Which radio should I buy?
  • Solar - Solar powered nodes
  • Services - I'm on the mesh .. what next?
  • Supernodes - Linking AREDN meshes across the world
  • Tower Climbing - Information about tower climbing
  • Winlink - General and specific help info.

Past Projects



Working Groups

Other Meshes

Other Networks



The Bay Area Mesh is made possible in part by the Bay Area Mesh Inc 501(c)(3) non-profit.